Crowd remembers Julian Bond as champion for generations of activists

The Washington Post | October 7, 2015
More than 1,200 people attended Tuesday’s event. They were serenaded with “Oh Freedom,”  “This Little Light of Mine” and other songs, performed by Ralph Herndon, Scotty Barnhart and three groups: The Choral Arts Society of Washington, the Heritage Signature Chorale and the Freedom Singers.

Civil Rights Icon Julian Bond remembered for commitment to social justice

Los Angeles Times | October 6, 2015 
Singers from the Choral Arts Society of Washington and Freedom Singers sang some of Bond’s favorite songs during what was a joyous and celebratory remembrance.

Charismatic activist Julian Bond remembered for unwavering devotion to equality for all

Southern Poverty Law Center | October 6, 2015
Music filled the theater for a final time as the Choral Arts Society of Washington and others performed “May the Circle be Unbroken” as the audience stood and applauded. As the last note faded, it was clear that the service was at its end, but not the march for justice to which Bond devoted his life.

Women on the move: Choral Arts and others in search of new leadership

The Washington Post | September 18, 2015
More changes in the DC choral world: Debra Kraft, the executive director of Choral Arts announced this week that she will be stepping down at the end of the chorus’s current season.

How Stephen Colbert pulled off that national anthem scene in Washington

The Washington Post | September 11, 2015
“Do you want to sing the Star Spangled Banner with Stephen Colbert?”
That sort of question doesn’t flash across most people’s iPhone screens. So when Brandon Straub, the associate conductor and pianist of the Choral Arts Society of Washington, got a text from Choral Arts executive director Debra Kraft asking if he’d like to harmonize with comedian, he didn’t hesitate to say “sure why not?” Now all Straub had to do was get off the boat he was chillaxing on and get to the Mall — in two hours.

Conducting Elite Performance Training

Simulation in Surgical Training and Practice – Surgical Clinics of North America | August 2015
Authors include Elliott Silverman and Scott Tucker
Training to excellent in the conduct of surgical procedures has many similarities to the acquisition and mastery of technical skills in elite level music and sports.  By using coaching techniques and strategies gleaned from analysis of professional music ensembles and athletic training, surgical educators can set conditions that increase the success rate of training to elite performance.  This article describes techniques and strategies used in both music and athletic coaching, and it discusses how they can be applied and integrated into surgical simulation and education.