Behind the Scenes with Alison Fitzgerald

Senior Project Manager at Arts Laureate

Choral Arts has had the pleasure of frequent collaborations with Arts Laureate, an elite recording team offering second-to-none audio recordings, HD video, event photography, digital production, live sound production, event consulting, and virtual ensemble recordings. Project Manager Alison Fitzgerald has been a critical leader in crafting Choral Arts virtual choir performances throughout the year, enabling us to continue sharing choral music when live singing wasn’t possible.

Choral Arts: Can you tell us a bit about your roles with (and outside of) Arts Laureate?

Alison Fitzgerald: Since September 2020, I have been a Project Manager at Arts Laureate, working with so many talented artists, both on our staff and in our clientele. I’ve worked with everyone from children’s choirs, to community orchestras, to professional ensembles, and every project has been a unique and memorable experience. Outside of work, I sing in the Alexandria Choral Society, where I am also President Elect of the Board of Directors. I have two children, so I currently spend a lot of time at Little League baseball games, and even tried my hand at coaching 4-year-olds in soccer!

Choral Arts: Is there a time you’ve witnessed others experience joy through your work?

Alison Fitzgerald: It has been so amazing working in the virtual performance space this past year. While it has been a hard time to navigate in the Arts, it has truly been a blessing to be able to facilitate music making for so many people all across the country. So many clients, and their family and friends, have been able to connect while remaining socially distanced. We have received many a heartfelt, tear-filled email of gratitude, which just makes all the hard work worth it!

Choral Arts: What upcoming projects are you most looking forward to?

Alison Fitzgerald: While I do love virtual ensemble work, and am looking forward to seeing how they stick around and evolve as a part of the performing industry, I am VERY excited for the live performances that are coming up! It is so fabulous to work with our existing clients, whom we’ve seen on-screen only for the past year, as we navigate together how to bring live music back on the scene. Just experiencing that electric vibe as musicians get back together for the first time to perform is phenomenal!

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