Experience. Passion. Harmony. Space. This is choral music.

At Choral Arts, we sing the music we love as a balm to frenzied days, an antidote to solitude, a union in an often-fractured world. We sing for a city with little time and high expectations, which compels us to transform a night out into a lifelong memory.

Founded in 1965 by Norman Scribner (1936-2015), Choral Arts has a rich history of bringing the power of the human voice to audiences large and small. We weave our shared passion, world-class repertoire, and radiant voices into a sound that changes people. We advance the story of choral music by partnering with a myriad of musicians, composers, and ensembles. 

This is Choral Arts.

Our Mission

To reawaken human capacity for awe through the power of choral music.

Our Vision

A world where powerful human experiences move people to find shared purpose, discover shared passion, and connect with the music within themselves.

Our Choirs

Choral Arts ensembles embody the elemental human experience of choral singing.

  • Symphonic Chorus – experience the power of 160 voices singing as one, as they transport you worlds away from the hustle and bustle of modern life.
  • Chamber Singers – explore the transformative power of the human voice with our group of around 30 singers in more intimate settings.
  • Youth Choir – journey with budding musicians as they find their voice in a changing world.