Behind the Scenes with Soloman Howard

Metropolitan Opera Bass

“I pray that all those watching [Living the Dream…Singing the Dream] see this not only as merely a concert of entertainment, but also, as a shout of gratitude and honor, saying, ‘THANK YOU’ to Dr. King for helping to make our dreams possible.” The freedom of our voices is his legacy!” -Soloman Howard

Described by the Washington Post as “young, charismatic, and vocally imposing,” Soloman Howard has sung in opera houses throughout the country and internationally. As an alumni of Washington Performing Arts’ Children of the Gospel Choir, we’re thrilled Soloman will co-host Living the Dream…Singing the Dream.

Choral Arts: Thank you so much for teaming with Allison Seymour to cohost our virtual presentation of Living the Dream…Singing the Dream. Can you tell us about more opportunities you are pursuing as an artist?

Soloman Howard: I am currently working on a new production of Verdi’s opera, “Aïda,” at the Opéra National de Paris where I am singing the role of Il Re (The King). This will be my Paris Opera debut. After leaving Paris, I’ll be making another company debut at the Glyndebourne Festival this summer in England. I’ll be singing the role of Sarastro in Mozart’s opera, “Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute).” I’m very fortunate to have work during these difficult times, and I don’t take it for granted, that these wonderful opportunities were placed in my hand.

Choral Arts: What new understanding or experience do you hope viewers have in response to Living the Dream…Singing the Dream?

Soloman Howard: It is my hope that the audience realizes the importance of the life and legacy of the late, great, Rev. Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. We continue to celebrate him because he died living his life for others. He made the ultimate sacrifice of giving of himself so that the lives around him could one day live free, live unharmed, and live their truths. I pray that all those watching not see this only as merely a concert of entertainment, but also, as a shout of gratitude and honor, saying, “THANK YOU to Dr. King for helping to make our dreams possible.” The freedom of our voices is his legacy!

Choral Arts: What albums or artists are inspiring you these days?

Soloman Howard: There are two artists who’s music has captured my ear and attention for the moment. There is a new single of by an artist named Richard Bona called “Afreekha.” This album is full of everything that I love — Afro rhythm, percussion, warmth in sound, a connection to earth to life and to culture… Bona is always setting the mood right.

Ailyn Pérez is one of opera’s greatest stars. This past spring, she released her EP “Mi Corazón.” It’s a project, perfectly paired with acoustic guitar, that is full of grace and spiritually. Although it’s not a sacred album, it has the spirit of being sacred. Every track has a way of speaking to the soul of the listener. Ailyn is an artist that always shares her heart through her voice which gives a deeper purpose for singing. Every note has a special destination. She also happens to be my lady, so it makes listening to her that much more meaningful.

Choral Arts: What upcoming projects are you most looking forward to?

Soloman Howard: For the first time in my career, I’ll be working on creating my own works. I’ve never really felt that the time was right before to release a project, but I can say that I have been struck with that passion, and am now ready to share something. It may be in pieces, or it may be all at once. Just keep your eyes and ears opened for something.

Learn more about Soloman Howard on his website.

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