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Black background with a profile photo of a strong young black man with bare skin from the chest up in the center. The man's expression shows neither joy, nor sorrow. This photo is overlayed with a transparent American flag in mid wave wrapping across the man's neck and chest.

Damien Geter’s An African American Requiem

East Coast Premiere

Monday, May 23, 2022 | 7:00 pm
Kennedy Center Concert Hall

Scott Tucker, conductor
Nolan Williams, Jr., guest conductor
Jacqueline Echols, soprano
Karmesha Peake, mezzo-soprano
Norman Shankle, tenor
Kenneth Overton, baritone
S. Renee Mitchell, poet and narrator

Choral Arts Symphonic Chorus
Scott Tucker, Artistic Director

Resonance Ensemble
Katherine FitzGibbon, Artistic Director

NEWorks Voices of America
NEWorks Philharmonic Orchestra
Nolan Williams, Jr., Artistic Director

Nolan Williams, Jr.: Spirituals Suite for Choir and Orchestra (excerpts)

Movement 1. City Called Heaven
Movement 2. Done Made My Vow

~10-minute pause~

Damien Geter: An African American Requiem (East-coast premiere)

  1. Introit
  2. Kyrie
  3. Recitative
  4. Dies Irae
  5. Tuba Mirum
  6. I Can’t Breathe
  7. Mors stupebit
  8. There’s A Man Goin’ Round/Liber Scriptus
  9. Quid sum miser
  10. Rex tremendae
  11. Recordare
  12. Ingemisco
  13. Confutatis
  14. Lacrimosa
  15. Offertory
  16. Sanctus (Kum Ba Yah)
  17. Agnus Dei
  18. Lux aeterna
  19. Libera Me/Lynching is Color-Line Murder
  20. In Paradisum / Walk Together Children

First Half: 15 minutes | Pause: 10 minutes | Second Half: 85 minutes

This performance is generously supported by:
The National Endowment for the Arts
Karen L. Florini and Neil R. Ericsson
Anne B. Keiser and Douglas M. Lapp
Barbara and Charles Rossotti
Katie and Dick Snowdon

Choral Arts Sponsors

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