Behind the Scenes with Scott Tucker

Artistic Director of Choral Arts

Choral Arts: Can you describe your roles as a musician and leader?

Scott Tucker: I have been lucky enough to conduct for a few decades now; I was a music teacher at Milton Academy, the Assistant Conductor at Harvard University, and a Professor of Music at Cornell University. I now hold the distinction of being Artistic Director of the Choral Arts Society of Washington, where I am honored to continue sharing the tremendous experience of choral music on the national stage.

Choral Arts: What album, recording, or artist are you listening to most right now?

Scott Tucker: Lately I’ve been listening to an album that I loved in high school.  It is a jazz album called Oscar Peterson Trio Plus One.  It features the great pianist Oscar Peterson, but also a trumpet player I have always greatly admired named Clark Terry. The first track, “Brotherhood of Man” is a brilliant, raucous romp through the familiar show tune of the same name.

Choral Arts: Tell us about a moment of connection or transformation through music.

Scott Tucker: Listening to Chanticleer perform Spring Dreams by Chen Yi was a transporting experience for me.  Especially while interviewing her and getting to know her better.  Her music has deep roots in Chinese folk music, but it is rich in complexity.  Hearing Chanticleer’s flawless performance and hearing her talk about her struggles as a teenager during the cultural revolution brought me a deep insight to what music is all about, expressing our connection to one another and to the natural world through sound.