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The Choral Arts Society of Washington


The Creative Spark: The Inspiration Behind the Music

Part 2

Premiering Wednesday, June 30, 2021 | 7:00 pm ET
Virtual Concert Hall

Scott Tucker, Host, Conductor, and Pianist
Brandon Straub, Conductor, and Pianist

Choral Arts Symphonic Chorus
Choral Arts Chamber Singers
Choral Arts Youth Choir

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Listen to the Lambs

R. Nathaniel Dett (1882-1943)

Scott Tucker, conductor
Kaylee Boalt, soprano
Symphonic Chorus


Listen to the lambs! All a-crying!
He shall feed his flock like a shepherd,
And carry the young lambs in his bosom.
Ah, listen! Ah, listen!
Listen to the lambs! All a-crying!

Audio and video editing by Arts Laureate


Adolphus Hailstork (b. 1941)

Scott Tucker, conductor
Julie Wommack, soprano
Symphonic Chorus


Summer night, summer night
Have you know the beauty of a summer night
With a white streak of stars in a charcoal sky?
Have you heard the insects, with their countless array of sounds,
Endlessly busy through the otherwise silent night?
Have you walked in the field with the cool wind
And the black grass rustling around you?
Have you at last turned your face to the brilliant sky above,
And seen the suns floating there, each a fiery universe?
Have you lost yourself in that broad expanse
So that the black grass and the humming insects
And the child breeze have all vanished?
Have you felt the wonder that flows without end
In those mighty spaces, where countless fires burn
In the surrounding darkness?
Have you kissed the night and its promise,
When it turned its expectant face to your lips?
Have you kissed the night?
If you have done these things, lover,
Then come and watch these skies,
Then come and watch these fields, with me.
Oh my love, come watch with me.

Audio and video editing by Arts Laureate

Kyrie Eleison

Diedre Robinson (b. 1963)

Scott Tucker, conductor
Chamber Singers


Kyrie eleison


Lord, have mercy

Audio and video editing by Arts Laureate

Unclouded Day

Josiah Kelly Alwood (1828-1909)​
arr. Shawn Kirchner​

Brandon Straub, conductor
Youth Choir
Chamber Singers


O they tell me of a home far beyond the skies,
They tell me of a home far away,
And they tell me of a home
Where no storm-clouds rise:
O they tell me of an unclouded day.

O the land of cloudless days
O the land of an unclouded sky,
O they tell me of a home
Where no storm-clouds rise:
O they tell me of an unclouded day.

O they tell me of a home
Where my friends have gone
They tell me of a land far away,
Where the tree of life in eternal bloom
Shed its fragrance through the unclouded day.


They tell me of a King in his beauty there,
They tell me that mine eyes shall behold
Where He sits on a throne
That is bright as the sun
In the city that is made of gold!


Audio and video editing by Infinitude DC

Choral Arts Symphonic Chorus

Scott Tucker, Conductor
Brandon Straub, Associate Conductor and Pianist

Lynda Adamson
Julie Ciamporcero Avetta
Brooke Bartolome
Kaylee Boalt
Ashley B. Boam
Susan G. Boggs
Laura Bradford
Janice O. Childress
Marie Colturi
Alison Cooper
Abigail Corbett+
Shannon Corey
Dana Crepeau
Gloria DeCoste
Kathryn Fernandez
Julie Gilmore
Amity Hall
Karen Hopper+
Marie Hyder
Jennifer Leach
Heather MacDonald+
Rebecca Mullen
Katherine S. Myer
Jenny Nordstrom
Alexandra Normile
Julia Preseau+
Diane Shapiro Richer
Erika Rissi
Sally Robinson
Elizabeth Romig
Bethann Siegel
Lisa Sommers+
Carolyn Sowinski
Katie Spitzel
Lisa Stechschulte Lowe
Joyce Stephansky
Margaret A. Stromecki
Amanda Thorne
Alison Valtin
Nadine Wethington
Bonnie Williams
Julie Wommack+

Petia Antova
Barbara Barry
Marty Brown+
Patricia A Byram
Michelle Cho
Jan Clayberg
Karen Coda+
Karen Doyne
Cynthia Dunbar
Karen Florini
Barbara Gardner
Coleen Gatehouse
Ariel Gold
Kate Goodrich
Cindy Jensen+
Anne B. Keiser
Joyce Korvick
Lucy Newton
My-Van Nguyen+
Margaret Nice
Rebecca Nielsen
Sarah Penniston-Dorland
Ellen Platts
Laura S. Pruitt
Joan Reinthaler
Diedre Robinson+
Cindy Speas
Candida Steel
Kandie Stroud
Alex Swartsel*
Lizabeth Tankersley
Michelle Tiller
Emily Townsend
Nancy Witherell
Virginia Yates

Jeff Ashford
Leroy R. Barnes+
Jonathan Blocksom
Colin Brown
John Clewett+
Jeff Dauler
Neil R. Ericsson
Joseph Ferrari
David Flaxman
Daniel Forbes
Jerry Haggin
Ed Hoover+
Tony Lee
Michael McKeon+
Paul Nooney, Jr
Byron V. Peters
Robert Porter
David Robinson
Roberto Sada
Robert Stansbery
Rob Vogel
Stephen Welker

Charles Cerf+
Michael Cook
David Freeman+
Eric Holmes+
George Krumbhaar
Douglas M. Lapp
Todd Leeuwenburgh
Michael Lincoln**
Clarke Maylone
Douglas McAllister
Daniel Perkes+
Nathan Perriello
Dennis Reece
Eugene Stromecki
William Theuer+
Art Tiller
Jim Weinstein
Christopher Wilde+
Ray Williams

*Chorus President
**Chorus Vice President

+Choral Arts Chamber Singers member

Choral Arts Youth Choir

Brandon Straub, Conductor

Arya Balian
William Barbee
Carson Barnes
Grace Barnes
Matthew Carey
Lydia Danas
Claudia Hull
Madeline Jensen
Matthew Johnson
Harald Lundberg
Noah Milad
Sabina Perry
Greg Roberts
Georgie Williams
Caelan Wommack
Meghan Wommack

Lexy B. Kessler, Chair
Craig Miller, Vice Chair
Barbara Rossotti, Secretary
Anne B. Keiser, Treasurer
Nadine Wethington, Immediate Past Chair
Laura S. Pruitt, Of Counsel / Advisor to Committees

Julie Ciamporcero Avetta
Suzanne S. Brock
Charles Cerf
Tad Czyzewski, Executive Director *
David Flaxman
Karen Florini
Matthew Garber
Sue Goodhart
Elke Gordon
Edward Hoover
Craig Miller
Emily Riffle
Diane Schaefer
Nicholas Smith
Liz Tankersley
Scott Tucker, Artistic Director*
Alex Swartsel, Chorus President*
Ashley Wilson

*ex officio

John Adams
Dr. Ysaye Maria Barnwell
Mrs. W. Tapley Bennett, Jr.
James Conlon
John Corigliano
Christoph Eschenbach
Denyce Graves
Marta Casals Istomin
Bobby McFerrin
Leontyne Price
Samuel Ramey
Helmuth Rilling
Leonard Slatkin
John Williams

Scott Tucker, Artistic Director
Tad Czyzewski, Executive Director
April Angilletta, Associate Director of Communications
Joe Aubry, Artistic and Production Associate
Caryn Fraim, Deputy Director
Caitlin Gompf, External Communications Coordinator
Whitney McColley, Artistic Manager
Brandon Straub, Associate Conductor and Pianist

Special Thanks To


Alison Fitzgerald

Ed Hoover

Heather MacDonald

My-Van Nguyen

Charles Perryman

Will Theuer